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    EMODnet Human Activities
About EMODnet Human Activities

Find out about EMODnet, the Human Activities Lot, our partners and our data sources.
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View GIS data using the map portal.

The map portal displays human activities GIS data collated so far for three sea regions in Europe.
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Search Data Catalogue

Search EMODnet Human Activities metadata, download GIS files and link to web services.
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EMODnet Central Portal

The EMODnet Central Portal provides access to marine data from the following themes: hydrography, geology, physical parameters, chemistry, biology, and physical habitats. See the EMODnet Central Portal website for more.


Vessel density map: and so it begins!
Vessel density map: and so it begins! image

In June we left you with a promise: we’d make a vessel density map of EU waters a ...
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  Phase 3 - 2nd Progress Report

The Human Activities Team, EMODnet

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The Human Activities Team, EMODnet

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